Ep. 39 - Political System (Featuring Brent 'brentalfloss' Black)

Ep. 38 - Law

In this episode, the brothers put on their law-making hats. Do law-makers wear hats? Now I know what you’re thinking: legal stuff is boring! Well let me tell you bud. This is our MOST exciting episode. Yeah, let’s go with that.

Ep. 37 - Online Service

In this episode, the brothers have decided that this Internet thing should be the vehicle by which we take over everythi- I mean provide a wonderful new service. Will it be for recycling? Will it be for groceries? Will it be for a delivery of miscellaneous goods? You’ll have to listen to see! Really good!

Ep. 36 - Porno

In this episode, the brothers introduce a new form of pornography into your lives. Discussions abound surrounding sexy stuff and things going in to places. Oh. And it’s interactive. Get ready for big pile of sexy podcast cause this one’s steamy. Yep. A big steamy pile.

Ep. 35 - Card Game

In this episode, the brothers talk through the invention of a new card game. Will the game make sense? Will the rules work out? Will they even be cards? There’s only one way to know for sure. You’ll need to press play on this episode. Then you’ll be ALL IN.

Ep. 34 - Vegetable

In this episode, the brothers design the next best vegetable. Seeds? Peel? Rind? Florets? What could the brothers possibly design this time? Let me tell you right now dear listener… you have absolutely NO idea. This one is wild.

Ep. 33 - Sport

In this episode, the brothers invent a new thing that they’re totally good at. Seriously, they’re such jocks and strong people in real life and they know a lot about sports and sport-related things and this is their forte and it comes super naturally to them.

Ep. 32 - Fashion Line

In this episode, the brothers turn SERIOUS and develop a SERIOUS fashion line. Fashionistas; get ready to be inspired. These style concepts are going to BLOW YOUR MIND.  

Ep. 31 - Mythological Creature

This week the brothers invent a mythological creature. They pretty much invent 3. Triple the value! So get over your arachnophobia, don’t build your Jenga tower too tall, and get ready to dunk your head right into some great new fantasy creatures!

Ep. 30 - Musical Instrument

In this episode, the brothers invent a new musical instrument. They fuse a lot of different concepts together to create a sound the likes of which you’ve never heard before. BONUS: you actually get to hear this invention at the end!