Ep. 15 - Appliance

Ep. 15 - Appliance

In this episode, the brothers talk about the thing we need most in the home. We do not reach a consensus… at least not one that you’re likely to agree with.

Ep. 14 - 'Action Movie'

In this episode, the brothers discuss the new blockbuster action movie which you will not want to miss. They even improv a scene as multiple bald action ladies. Yeah. That happened.

Ep. 13 - Sitcom

In this episode the brothers invent the next best situational comedy… which Luke didn’t know was where that term came from. Many jokes were made at the expense of some C-tier celebrities and ‘The Six’.

Ep. 11 - Weapon

In this episode we attempt to design a weapon for easy self-defence. We also attempt to make it non-fatal. This proves harder than originally thought. Also yogurt.

Ep. 10 - Hero

In this episode, we discuss what a modern hero could be. We take a quick trip down memory lane about regarding a hero creation from Mason’s past and then go in a completely different direction.

Ep. 09 - Currency

In this episode, that gross old money is gonna get an overhaul, and it’s going to get so so SO much better. So much better in fact, that you won’t need that gross old money you have. We’ll totally hang on to it for you.

Ep. 08 - Cult

In this episode, Luke and Mason design a religion all their own. They seek to answer what is best in life, they do a much better job than Conan did.

Ep. 07 - Dating Sim (featuring RSSLiam)

In this episode we attempt to create the most engaging dating game we can. We have some ideas about what a new game in the genre might look like and unsurprisingly wind up pretty far off the map. Also Liam has cool ideas too. A single idea this episode is not.

Ep. 06 - Toilet

In this episode we agree that toilets are dumb and far too simple. We meddled horrendously and make it FAR more complicated than it needs to be… all in the name of luxury. You’re welcome.