Ep. 28 - Superstition

In this episode, the brothers learn how to fly. Nah. Just checking to see if you were actually reading the description. Yeah it’s a superstition this week. Feelin’ lucky? How about plucky? That ACTUALLY comes up in this episode. You’ll see.

Ep. 27 - Children's Show

In this episode, the brothers think about what the perfect children’s show might look like. It takes a bit to plot out what traits go where, but before long… they get to some really good stuff. All kidding aside, this one is actually a pretty good idea. You should listen to it.

Ep. 26 - Breakfast Cereal

In this episode, the brothers determine the next best breakfast cereal. You’d think this means the usual corn this and wheat such… a fresh faced new cartoon mascot perhaps? You’d be wrong. You won’t be able to see this one coming, we promise!

Ep. 25 - Planet

In this episode, the brothers go big… like REALLY big and a new planet itself is invented. Will they do a safe reinvention of our Earth-like conditions? What podcast do you think this is? Stare directly to the sun and slap that mushroom right on your face it’s planet time baby!

Ep. 24 - Joke

In this episode, the brothers attempt to be the very funniest that they ever have been. No pressure. They only have to write the world’s best joke. They nail it. You will laugh so very very much probably. Listener discretion; you might die a bit.

Ep. 23 - Language

This week, the brothers construct a language discussing all of the important subtle rules and structures and… yeah no it just devolved into a conversation about emojis. This episode not sponsored by the Emoji Movie.

Ep. 22 - Transportation

In this episode, the brothers resolve to improve upon our transportation woes. Too many a time we’ve been stuck in traffic, lost on the subway, or stranded in an airport. That’s all about to change. Gum?

2 for 1 Summer Spectacular! Episode 20 & 21

Not just one but TWO brand new episodes are live RIGHT NOW. Ep. 20 – Social Network In this episode, the brothers discuss the latest social network. Hope you like emojis and games and completely invaded privacy! Ep. 21 – Dance Craze In this episode, the brothers unintentionally discuss the world’s most inclusive dance. What does that have to do with opening up browser tabs, colonoscopy bags, and literal worms?

Ep. 19 - Game Show

In this episode, the old Game Show model gets completely ripped apart. Get ready for the ultimate cathartic experience as determined by the brothers Williams.

Ep. 18 - Holiday

In this episode, the brothers talk their way through a new holiday. Everyone loves a good chance to celebrate, so let’s get the fam together and stick our hands in boiling water! Also cookies.