February 2019

Season 2 - Episode 50 - New Brother

In this episode, the brothers seek to invent a new brother! That sure is different. How are they supposed to do that? Are they growing him for meat? Will they bully him? Will he be the bully? Some D20’s may or may not be involved.

Season 2 - Episode 49 - Sense

In this episode, the brothers aren’t satisfied with your typical senses anymore. They’re set to make you feel something brand new. You’re really gonna feel this one baby! A new sense this week courtesy of the Williams brothers. It’s gonna shake you to your core! Also the 3 trained fencers vs 50 video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PgKg0Hc7YIA (Luke thought it was 100, but it was 50.)

Season 2 - Episode 48 - Arcade Game

In this episode, the brothers invent a new Arcade Game. Hope you’ve got your quarters ready because this one is going to be addictive! So fun you’re going to wish they invented this baby ages ago. So maybe they didn’t end up creating your traditional cabinet. You’re going to wish you were playing this right now. ALSO! Luke has a new Video Essay channel and his first video went up