February 2018

Ep. 51 - Hotel

In this episode, the brothers invent a hotel. Where on earth will this take them? Well… further than that! Gravity’s optional, the food is balls (the good kind), sex is plentiful and horses decide if you live or die. Y’know; like at a hotel. Please enjoy your stay.

Ep. 50 - Cookie

In this episode, the brothers seek to design a brand new cookie. The cookie concepts which come out of this one are as unique and experimental as they are mouth-watering. A must listen for aspiring bakers. Grab a glass of milk and get ready to dunk our latest invention!

Ep. 49 - School

In this episode, the brothers go back to high school. Rock, rock, rock and roll high school! Just kidding! It’s way more lame than that. They kick it old school and school’s out for summer. You won’t want to be too cool for this school! School! Have you looked at the spelling of the word school? What the hell! Why is it like that? I should have paid more attention

Ep. 48 - Swear Word

In this episode the brothers design a new swear word. In fact, they design a whole sort of movement to undermine some terrible people. Do you dislike terrible people? A swear you can use for good? Sign me the @*/$ up!