Ep. 04 - Sleep

In this episode we discuss how we can improve upon the bed. We do not improve upon the bed. We DO however construct something magical, relaxing, and dare I say arousing. Another celebrity cameo happens. Zzzz

Ep. 03 - Restaurant

Tired of restaurants doing ‘deconstructions’ of your food? In this episode we deconstruct the very idea of what a restaurant even is. Would you want to eat there? No. You wouldn’t want to eat there. But you WOULD want to hear about it!

Ep. 02 - Novel

In this episode we write the next great Canadian Novel. Sure. That’s what we do. We are EXTREMELY successful. It features a whale, pregnancy, a plane, a whale, and several endearing celebrity cameos.

Ep. 01 - Cocktail

In this episode we discuss the world’s best cocktail. We disagree on what that should be. Mason starts with his best suggestion and Luke counters with a ‘cocktail’ of his own. Which one would you like to drink?