December 2017

Ep. 43 - Candy

In this episode, the brothers attempt to design a new candy. Do they design a new candy? Maybe. Do they try? They sure do. Guaranteed to be sweet and satisfying. Not even! Did you know designing a new candy is actually pretty hard? Don’t judge us. We’re not your parents. What do we know? Hang on to your pennies folks cause it’s time to visit the corner store.

Ep. 42 - Drug

In this episode, Mason and Luke become ‘Shmason’ and ‘Bluke’ in order to present you with a fun new drug. Will it be over the counter, or some back-alley concoction? Will it be just for fun or serve some helpful purpose? Don’t succumb to peer pressure this week… unless it’s some primo stuff.

Ep. 41 - Snack Food

In this episode, the brothers are feeling a little peckish. Sweet? Sour? Savoury? Umami? What are YOU craving? This snack food, at the end, is guaranteed to satisfy. Just watch that suggested serving size pal!

Ep. 40 - Fairy Tale

In this episode, the brothers write a wonderful new fairy tale for you to tell your kids before they sleep. Or at least once version is good to tell your kids, multiple iterations actually come out of this one. Hope you like talking animals and apologies to Romania.