April 2017

Ep. 08 - Cult

In this episode, Luke and Mason design a religion all their own. They seek to answer what is best in life, they do a much better job than Conan did.

Ep. 07 - Dating Sim (featuring RSSLiam)

In this episode we attempt to create the most engaging dating game we can. We have some ideas about what a new game in the genre might look like and unsurprisingly wind up pretty far off the map. Also Liam has cool ideas too. A single idea this episode is not.

Ep. 06 - Toilet

In this episode we agree that toilets are dumb and far too simple. We meddled horrendously and make it FAR more complicated than it needs to be… all in the name of luxury. You’re welcome.

Hey I've Got an Idea Show

Hey I’ve Got An Idea Show is an idea podcast by Luke ‘lessashamed’ Williams and Mason ‘tailsteak’ Williams. They come up with a new invention every Friday. Each episode they joint-birth a brain-child and you get the pleasure of sticking it in your ear holes. Join them on a one-of-a-kind thought adventure pushing through fraternal frustrations; ultimately resulting in an end product as hilarious as it is unpredictable.  

Ep. 05 - Sex Toy

In this episode we talk about all manner of parts you can put inside of other parts. We try to solve the biggest problem facing sex toys today. ‘What’s that?’ you might ask. Why you’ll have to listen to find out.

Ep. 04 - Sleep

In this episode we discuss how we can improve upon the bed. We do not improve upon the bed. We DO however construct something magical, relaxing, and dare I say arousing. Another celebrity cameo happens. Zzzz

Ep. 03 - Restaurant

Tired of restaurants doing ‘deconstructions’ of your food? In this episode we deconstruct the very idea of what a restaurant even is. Would you want to eat there? No. You wouldn’t want to eat there. But you WOULD want to hear about it!

Ep. 02 - Novel

In this episode we write the next great Canadian Novel. Sure. That’s what we do. We are EXTREMELY successful. It features a whale, pregnancy, a plane, a whale, and several endearing celebrity cameos.

Ep. 01 - Cocktail

In this episode we discuss the world’s best cocktail. We disagree on what that should be. Mason starts with his best suggestion and Luke counters with a ‘cocktail’ of his own. Which one would you like to drink?